Security is a Collective Endeavor

In order to keep a home safe, all members in a community must come together to help ensure all the homes within the community are kept safe. This is the only way you can keep the crime rate low in the neighborhood.

When a Community Gets Together to Fend off Crime, Criminals Know They Are Wasting Their Time

That might seem like a blunt assessment, but it is also an accurate one. Criminals, by their very nature, need to make things easy for themselves. They do not want to get caught and they certainly do not want to get hurt. When the chances of negative results increases because they may be spotted before they are able to break into a home, they know they are running the risk of arrest or confrontation. Neither of these outcomes actually allows a thief to steal.

A thief may decide it is wiser to go elsewhere. And if he doesn't, then he runs the risk of going to jail.

Neighborhoods that Work Together Decrease the Chances of Crooks Being Successful

Does this mean that you no longer have to take individual responsibility for keeping your home safe? Of course not and no one would ever suggest such a thing. You and you alone are ultimately the true safeguard of your property and your family. However, most people will be quick to agree no one person can be everywhere or cover every security step required to maintain safety. This is where a collective organization such as SECURITY CONSENSUS can prove so very helpful.

What We Can Do Together

  1. Set up a comprehensive Neighborhood Watch
  2. Educate members of the community how to effectively deter crime
  3. Instruct members on the basics of how to contact authorities and leave dealing with criminals to those trained to do so

A solid neighborhood watch can go a long way towards boosting the safety of a neighborhood immensely since suspicious behavior can be quickly spotted and reported immediately.

Better yet, educating people on how to deter crime in a neighborhood by understanding what are the things thieves and criminals exploit might lead many would be thieves to avoid a home or an entire neighborhood completely. We will invest a lot of time on this site teaching you a number of excellent steps for increasing the safety component of your home and keeping crooks at bay We also provide good resource for learning about home security systems.

It also necessary to know when to leave things to the professionals. Sadly, there are cases where homeowners have tried to interfere with a break-in with tragic results. It would be much better barring extreme emergency situations to call the police and let them handle the matter. There are actually specific steps to take when contacting the police. We will give you insight on how to make these decisions.

Our unique coalition of homeowners and representatives from local government offices will work together to help you save your neighborhood from crime!