Working Together is the Best Way to Keep a Neighborhood Safe

You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of your home. One way to make sure that your home remains safe is to make your entire community one that will not be welcome to criminals. Law enforcement just might be willing to help you keep your home safe, too.

Doing Your Part Along with Your Neighbors

You may do all you can do to keep your home secure, but if no one in the neighborhood is also doing their part then the neighborhood may not be as safe as you would hope for. When the community comes together to work with law enforcement to keep a neighborhood secure, then criminals just might find it a better strategy to go elsewhere.

Criminals are Professionals at What They Do and You Must Be Prepared

The common misconception about criminals is they are bumbling fools or brash thugs. Both of these descriptions would infer thieves only succeed in breaking into a home because they just happen to luck into a situation or they are able to use brute force to tear open a door or a window when no one is looking.

To a degree, this is partially correct. Thugs can be brutal and they are always looking for an opportunity to take advantage of. To assume they lack skills in what they do would be a very incorrect assessment. Thugs learn what works and what does now work when it comes to breaking into a home.

What Criminals Will Notice

Criminals develop an eye for those homes that are easy to break into. Experienced thieves and crooks will look for:

  • Lights off and no car in a driveway or in front of a home indicating no one is home.
  • No alarm system or motion sensor lights displayed on the front of a home.
  • Ladders or other large, easy to move objects left in the yard which are perfect for getting to that open window on the second floor.
  • Shrubs growing out of control that offer a huge amount of cover for those wishing to breach entry to a home.
  • Newspapers piling up in the driveway, or advertisements hanging on your doorknobs.

Newsflash: If Crooks Notice These Things, So Can You, Your Neighbors and Law Enforcement

When everyone is working together to cut down crime in a neighborhood, they can be on the lookout for such security flaws. Pointing out such problems in a neighborhood watch or newsletter would be one of the simplest, yet highly effective, steps that can be taken to make a neighborhood a lot safer.

Setting Up a Neighborhood Watch with Law Enforcement Can Aid in Reducing Crime

A neighborhood watch can help cut down the potential for a crime to take place. There are simply too many suspicious eyes on the lookout for such actions. Neighborhood watch meetings are perfect for learning about good safety and security tips and meeting local law enforcement personnel.