Communities that Partner with Law Enforcement Make Life a Lot Tougher for Criminals

Criminals love it when local communities are disconnected from or distrustful of law enforcement. A community that does not have ties with police officers generally is one where a lot of suspicious activity can occur unabated. knows the true secret to keeping a community safe is to ensure the community is forming effective partnerships with local law enforcement. That is why we invest so much time helping communities and the authorities come together.

The Eyes and Ears of the Police

As volunteers in the community, members of a neighborhood watch essentially become the eyes and ears of the police. This means the members of the watch can alert law enforcement of problems when they arise. Even if an arrest is not made on the spot, the police can be alerted to keep an eye on specific activities. In time, this could lead to the police making necessary arrests capable of preventing more serious events from occurring in the future.

The Police Can Act as Instructors

No one knows more about crime and how to prevent it than your local police. There are many gurus out there claiming they have the ability to tell you all the secrets you need to know about being safe, but no one is a better guide than law enforcement. This is doubly true when it comes to local problems and issues in your neighborhood. The local police precinct will surely be able to help alert communities to crimes and issues facing them directly. This makes it much easier for a neighborhood to promote a much safer overall environment.

A Better Relationship Between the Community and Law Enforcement

Sadly, there is a huge disconnect between members of the community and local law enforcement in many areas. It did not always used to be that way. We are now trying to help reverse this trend and forge better bonds between the police and law enforcement. Both members of the community and the police will have issues to deal with that can make it difficult to stop crime. When the police and the community maintain much better and stronger bonds, these issues can be overcome....much to the dismay of criminals.

When police and local communities work together to stop and prevent crime, there will be a lot less of it. Always remember that criminals want their job to be as easy as possible. When law enforcement and members of the neighborhood are working together, the job of a criminal become much, much harder.

How Can You Work With Law Enforcement?

Simply taking a few basic steps to work with law enforcement may contribute greatly to forging the right union. We would like to offer our advice, help and tips for helping to set up such a union. Once the right relationship is made with law enforcement, it may become a lot easier to stamp out crime.

  1. Get together with a few like-minded neighbors and make some goals, including setting up a contact with the police. Place a call to their non-emergency phone number, or stop in and ask to leave a message for someone to contact you about setting up a neighborhood watch. In many communities, there is an officer assigned as a community liaison to help foster good relationships between the citizens and the police.
  2. Find some local businesses near your neighborhood to sponsor you. They may be able to supply free printing, a venue for which to meet, or other items that will be helpful to your group. It is in their best interest to have a safe community as well.
  3. Set up meeting dates with your police liaison to help you understand important tips from a law enforcement perspective. Publish these tips in your newsletter.
  4. Some police departments will actually write newsletters for you to publish as well with great tips.
  5. Set up meetings between representatives of your local businesses and members of your neighborhood to brainstorm partnerships and ideas for support of community safety. This can include things like signing petitions against problems in the neighborhood.